About Building Futures

Building Futures was established to create space for discussion about the needs of society from our built environment and, consequently, the built environment professions in 20 years and beyond.

Building Futures aims to address the big picture. How and where will we be living in 50 or 100 years’ time, when the climate has changed and cities are bigger than ever? What technologies will architects be using to design buildings and what new materials will they be specifying? How will the inevitable new technologies affect the buildings we all use every day?

Our Aims and Objectives

  • to promote public and political debate on the future of the built environment and its socio-economic and environmental impact over a twenty-year horizon
  • to influence relevant professionals, clients, educationalists, decision-makers and policy-makers
  • to anticipate and analyse developments affecting architecture and urban design, both as professional disciplines and as activities impacting on society
  • to use a mix of media including publications and events
  • to build upon and complement existing work
  • to collaborate with key individuals and organisations