Asif Din


Asif is a founder member of ZEDfactory, the design studio that grew out of Bill
Dunster architects. On completion of BedZED, Asif designed and implemented
the visitor centre, which was required to accommodate the 200 visitors a day,
and to house the accompanying exhibition.
Asif has worked at all stages of the design process and has worked on a wide
range of projects within the practice, thus developing a large skills base.

Asif has also worked with a range of research groups including Royal
Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), Australian Greenhouse Office (AGO)Mobile Architecture and Building Environmental laboratory (MABEL), University of Nottingham, Oxford Brookes University, the Technology Strategic Board, and the Dept of Trade and Industry.

Asif has undertaken academic lecturing and teaching at various academic
institutions from Deakin University in Australia to University of East London.

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