Evelyn Pellow

Enabling Concepts Ltd

Evelyn trained as a primary teacher at Strathclyde University, specialising in education management and psychology. She has experience of local authority, national and trade union politics. She has acted as policy adviser to local and national politicians and was editor of TermTime education magazine.

She led the communications strategy for the Nuffield Languages Inquiry, a review of the UK’s capability in languages, ensuring a steady level of publicity to reinforce the importance of languages and language learning across the UK.

Evelyn has spent the last 10 years in the construction industry, focussing on intelligent and green buildings, including work with the INTEGER team to create and build the Dream House at the Buildings Research Establishment covered by the BBC television series. She also worked with DBERR to create INTEGER’s major education programme to introduce construction and the built environment to the national curriculum.

Evelyn worked in partnership with the British Council Hong Kong on the Hong Kong Pavilion Project, an education project to promote environmental issues by involving young people from Hong Kong and the UK to exchange ideas about their designs for a green and intelligent school.

She led the consultation for the Classrooms Of The Future Project, leading to Building Schools Of The Future programme, eventually winning the prestigious CABE building sites award.

She also delivered the extensive consultation and communication elements to the Glastonbury House Project; a refurbishment of social housing in a Westminster tower block. From this work with elderly residents, evolved Evelyn’s experience in telecare and healthcare.

Evelyn is passionate about working with construction industry professionals to offer and deliver intelligent solutions which are truly relevant to people’s needs and to enhance their lives.