Harriet Harriss

Senior Lecturer

Ms Harriet Erin Harris
Senior Lecturer Oxford Brookes
Founder: The Practice of Everyday Life

Harriet Harriss is a Senior Lecturer at Oxford Brookes University leading a graduate design studio that focuses on socially responsive place-making with Inderpaul Johar; known as Oxford Place-nomics. Harriet also founded of The Practice of Everyday Life – a research-led social agency for highly responsive and relevant project design, development & strategy.

Harriet’s core expertise lies in social strategy and participation in the built environment. After graduating from the Royal College of Art in 2003, Harriet was awarded NESTA funding resulting in the design and implementation of a range of innovative and collaborative public and private sector projects, ranging from schools to corporate learning spaces.

Harriet’s specialist teaching interests include brief-forming and architectural knowledge transfer, the cinematic structure of space, film & animation methods in architecture, the history of British housing, the history of London social housing, the power stations of London & re-purposing of post-industrial space, and trans-disciplinary process design.

Both Harriet’s teaching and practice are informed and directed by her PhD, that examines how architectural tropes and modus operandi can be transposed into other related disciplines and industries to develop innovative new commercial and social values