Pooran Desai

Co-founder, BioRegional Quintain Ltd

Pooran co-founding international environmental organisation, BioRegional Development Group in 1994. He has worked in sustainable farming, forestry, recycling & eco-housing and drew together the partnership to construct Beddington Zero (fossil) Energy Development (BedZED), the UK’s foremost eco-village development where he lives and works.

He leads BioRegional’s international ‘One Planet Communities’ programme which includes major mixed-use projects in Portugal and South Africa and led the team which created the sustainability plan for the Masdar zero carbon zero waste city for 50,000 people under construction in Abu Dhabi.

Pooran is a founding director of specialist sustainable property development company BioRegional Quintain Ltd. BioRegional Quintain’s One Brighton development in joint venture with Crest Nicholson PLC is being heralded as the new benchmark in the UK, achieving zero carbon within a conventional cost envelope.

Pooran has co-authored two books and his third, ‘One Planet Communities’ will be published by John Wiley in October 2009.

Photo Credit- Marcus Lyons.

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