The Building Futures Game

Developing shared visions for neighbourhoods

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The Building Futures Game is the outcome of 3 years research and development work carried out by the Building Futures team, CABE and architectural practice AOC. The toolkit emerged through a shared desire as to how one might enable communities to think about the future of their neighbourhood, while providing stakeholders with an interactive and alternative way of consulting with a wide variety of groups on their concerns and aspirations.

The Building Futures Game is a participation tool for visioning and exploring different possible futures for a local area. It is a form of scenario planning, helping groups ‘play out’ a range of possible futures with participants – a mix of policy-makers, service-providers and ‘community members’ – drawing out a set of concerns and aspirations and considering the impacts and implications of their choices.

The process is a creative, collaborative and non-confrontational one, which requires people to consider different values or agendas, to make difficult choices and to consider the reality of delivering change on ground. The Game gives the participant realistic expectations of how different issues can trade off against each other by giving them a meaningful framework by which to think constructively about the future of their area and emerging changes.

Case studies

Launch- Daventry
RIBA London Training Session- Bankside
Lake District National Park Authority- Lake Windermere
National Schools Pilot- Dallam School, Milnthorpe
National Youth Agency- West End, Morecambe
Venice Biennale- Neilston with The Lighthouse
Stephen Lawrence Trust- Lewisham
OPEN- Shoreditch
Corby- Cultural Strategies

The Building Futures Game covers a range of issues; for example, encouraging a diverse population, ensuring good public transport and independent businesses, providing job opportunities, setting good environmental standards and building excellent public spaces.


£45 (+ postage and packaging).


If you own a copy of the game and have ran out of Baseline and Scenario sheets you can download them at the link below:



If you are interested in using the game as part of project or programme work- in practice or in education- or wish to find out more please contact Building Futures

Building Futures Game: Design by Spring London