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We live in an unprecedented period in history; for the first time, the majority of the global population live in urban areas. Now, more than ever, it is imperative to constantly and critically reflect on the built environment; its dynamics and its production.

Building Futures interrogates key issues of architecture and urbanism, through our research projects and events. The think piece series invites key experts and innovators to share their personal viewpoints on the future of urban areas and the factors that influence their development. Everyone is invited to join the discussion by commenting constructively on the various themes and articles. The views presented here may not be representative of Building Futures or the RIBA.

Editorial Panel:
Dickon Robinson
James Parkinson
Rebecca Roberts-Hughes
Emilia Plotka

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Electric Edens

Electric Edens studio at UCA, Canterbury: Selected Projects

September 2013

Iain Watt

What will a thriving village look like in 2035?

September 2013

Daisy Froud

3 wishes for the village of the future

September 2013